For the walks, starting directly from "La Garnasette", we have on loan from over twenty tours the route descriptions and map material for you and we can advise you on the difficulty of the tours, sights, visits etc.

Below is an example of a weekly program of walks, but we have many other walking options, with maps and descriptions. It is also possible to make all your trips from La Garnasette so that you can leave the car.

Example weekly program:

PR 237 Circuit du Point de Vue de Roiron
8 km + 1 km approach route, from La Garnasette. Height 668 – 935 m. About 2.5 hours. Special graveyard in Rosières, with a stone-hewn Stations of the Cross. At Roiron a “table dorientation”, from which a beautiful view over all the peaks in the area and the particularly jagged Corboeuf ravine. Nice exploration and walking tour for a first day.

PR 234 Circuit de Pied de Jorance
8 km. About 2 hours. Starting point fifteen minutes away by car. Height 706 – 910 m. View of Suc (= top) de Jorance (1188 m) and Mont Gros (1170 m), you pass an old metier ferrer where the horses are shod and a lavoir, washing place.

PR 236 Circuit de la Galoche
16 km. About 5 hours, from La Garnasette. Height 668 – 910 m. The Corbouf ravine is visited, along an old railway line, the Galoche, over a stream, overlooking the gorges (= springs) of the Suisesse.

PR 227 Circuit du Bois de Brousse
10 km. 3 hours, same starting point. Height 562 – 790 m. Very nice tour, even waterfalls after a wet spring. These tours can also be combined in one day.