La Garnasette

Hike and enjoy tasty food

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Hike and enjoy tasty food at La Garnasette

Hospitality, connection and delicious food are central to us

Lidy, your hostess


La Garnasette is a wonderful holiday spot in Auvergne. It is one of the most beautiful and quietest areas in France, in the Haute-Loire department near Le Puy. Near the village of Rosières, at an altitude of 750m, against the wooded slopes of a plateau, you will find the farm “La Garnasette”. It is at the end of a dead end road, where it is wonderful to stay and enjoy delicious food.

The farm has been there for 130 years, now beautifully restored in its original style, but with the comforts of today.

For example, the farm benefits from central heating,  while the word “garnasette” refers to how it used to be heated here: a garnasse is a bundle of branches that serves to rekindle the fire.

For more than 25 years we have been welcoming our guests to this peaceful spot who appreciate the beautiful nature, the clean air and the fresh spring water and who are looking for opportunities for relaxation, good food, walking and silence.