You can stay with 2, 3 or 4 people. We have a double futon and two single futons, great for the back! Furthermore, it is beautifully decorated in Tibetan-Mongol style. The surface is 28 m², the diameter is 6 meters. There is a wood burner, ample closet space and a seating area, with a place to quietly do some writing.

Because we have many connections with Tibet and because we are Buddhist, we became enthusiastic about living in a yurt and decided to purchase one. Recently, just behind our house, in a slightly higher location, there is a beautifully decorated yurt, both for people who want to take a holiday here and for those who want to do a guided retreat as well as for those who just want to withdraw in their own way for a while.

Why A Yurt?

The decor of the yurt is traditional: good futons on the floor, very good for the back, many rugs and Tibetan decorations, books about life on the steppe and about the Buddhist lifestyle of the original yurt inhabitants there. There is a nice reading and writing corner, pillows, decorations from Tibet and India.

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